Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Speed Still Dump 02

Knocked out 2 paint sessions today. With school coming up fast, I feel like I have so much to catch up on. 2-3 of these per day for the rest of the month is probably not even enough but I should really push for it. Not to mention I've barely even gotten to touch on Maya, blah.

First was a scene from "The Aviator". I spent super long on this, probably 2.5 hours and I couldn't get it to a good "finish". It made me realize how tough smoke and fire effects are. Although my biggest concern with these studies is color and mood rather than getting FX right, I still feel like I missed the mark on this one.

#005, 2.5 Hours, The Aviator

Second one I did today was more successful in my opinion. It was also a little more fun to work on.

#006, 1 Hour, Empire Strikes Back

And just for good measure, I'm throwing in yesterday's paint from Secret Life Of Walter Mitty. This one I think was fairly successful outside of mostly the snow capped mountain tops.Though looking at it now I do notice that it doesn't have as much of a "grand" feel as the movie still. Needs more atmosphere.

#004, 1 Hour, Secret Life Of Walter Mitty


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