Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring 2013 is a wrap!

Interesting semester to say the least.

Finally got my hands dirty on some Maya 3D modeling, and as I expected it's definitely something I love/loved getting my hands in. Glad to realize that it might be my "back-pocket" go-to as far as finding a position in the industry in the future. My flare gun didn't come out quite as great as I had hoped, but still happy to say it was one of the more polished ones from the class.

Taking the beginning animation class was a tough course. Learned a lot more than I could have asked for and got as much of a push for pushing my artistic boundaries as I've gotten from the rest of the classes I've taken thus far. Still don't think it's something I would pursue too far in the future, but I realize that I need to put my head down and learn anything I can. At least good to  know that I had a fairly decent handle on the basics of animation, besides not pushing key poses as much as I should be. So much more appreciation for 2D animators for sure though.

Here's a few select shots of my Flare Gun. I was really happy with the hard modeling, would've used a few more polygons if I could have, but we were working for a low poly model. A higher poly model would've probably crashed my laptop though, haha. The painting was alright.. It didn't pop up as much as I had hoped when it got put on the model, but at least some of the scratches came out decent looking. The shot with the background makes it look a lot more decent though.

This was the walk animation we did before our final, the Personality Walk. Obviously did a moonwalk, lol. Came out pretty good! I liked the results, just wish I had the drive to have actually had him go off screen. Would've been a lot more frames but I got burnt out.

And finally, here's my sack pantomime. Shoudn't have to explain the story because otherwise, if you as the viewer can't figure it out yourself, then I did something wrong. It was tough!! So many damn frames, so many damn drawings. Last part of the semester killed me though, and I had no more energy to spare even on sprucing up the backgrounds.

Pretty sure I say this every year, but overall, I think I could've done more. It's remarkably hard to stay "hungry" 24/7 as an artist, and blocks always come at the most opportune times. The biggest thing I'm gonna work on this summer is repetition and fundamentals. The basics are always so important and I always catch myself straying from them. This summer is gonna be filled with digital painting and some 3D modeling on the side, and I'm excited to finally be able to work on some of my personal stuff.

I'll be posting over the summer for sure!

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