Saturday, March 21, 2015

"Turn up"

Too proud of this model to not show it off right away ;)

I have to admit, I've felt like I've been playing "catch-up" ever since I started at SJSU. All my friends and classmates always seemed miles ahead of me. And by the time I got into my first semester of BFA, I felt it 10x harder. I always believed I had the hunger and the passion, but I'll also admit the work habits needed an overhaul. With just 2 months til graduation, it's been scary to think of where I'll be standing as soon as I step into the real world, and instead of the 100 colleagues (FRIENDS) I'll be going up against for internships, I'll instead be going up against 1,000 people around the world applying for the same job as me, with 100x the skill level.

That all said, I've never let myself give up. I haven't posted much of my work in the last year cause I haven't felt confident enough. But now... I know it's a late bloom, but after barely scathing by the first project of this semester, I turned it around for this one. It's an amazing feeling to have watched this piece go from scrap to something I feel is one of, it not my best, work so far. And even more important, despite the month of late night work I put into it, I had FUN. And I want MORE. Very excited to put something that I believe is portfolio-worthy.

This model was a concept drawing from Jake Parker. Our goal was to model it, and texture it in a "DOTA/Warcraft/etc." style. This means there were no lights being rendered on the model. Hard to explain, but basically all the textures, including highlights and darks and form turns and shadows, were all painted. I wish I could stress how much work that really means, cause you wouldn't really tell from looking at it unless you know the process haha. It was a hell of a challenge, but I tackled with full confidence.

Anyway, here it is!

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