Monday, December 17, 2012

Fall Semester 2012, complete!

With the resounding ding of my ANI 51B reel upon completion, my 2012 Fall Semester ends.

51B was my head first dive into the 3D world of Maya, and I loved it. Animation surprisingly came easy to me (2D animation being a whole 'nother story of course), and I found myself picking up on many things naturally on my own. Vanilla walk and personality walks were really fun, and I found myself wanting to be able to download some rigs and play with some animations during my break off this winter (though with so much stuff to work on, we'll see if that actually happens, haha). As much fun as I had with animation though, I'm really excited to get to modeling next semester.

So for those up early, here's my final animation reel you all get to see before the rest of my class does tomorrow! Some of the scenes didn't quite render out perfectly, and I'm now seeing some stuff I probably could have tweaked before finalizing. But with such little time left, I'd rather get my body to sleep and avoid a bad incoming cold.


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